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Originally Posted by mightymouse2 View Post
ok i have to ask this because i'm a noob but why spend that much cash on a gear box dose it improve the gun that much. hell i can buy a nw gun almost 2 guns for that price. is having an airsoft gun that looks so real that important just asking. and what would a 4 or 600 dollar gear box do for a gun. just asking so i know if i want to do it in the future
Some people hold certain details in a higher aspect than others. Its like wine.
There are some that enjoy the cheaper wines, some that are content with mid level and others who enjoy the sweet tastes of flavours that come with large price tags. Everyone has different tastes.

The systema revolution is a revamp on the standard TM created V2. It boasts a sturdier shell and a redone internal set up that is supposed be more realiable, and as always with systema one can expect nothing but execellent quality internals and more than exceptional quality control. For the most part.

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