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Originally Posted by FOX_111 View Post
That's conforting... I had the feeling I was ripped off.
I had a hard time beleiving you would put your name on the line to pass us rebranded BBs.
And thats exactly the thought I had when I saw them too, people are gonna think I'm rooking them - but most people who know me should know better. I maintained from the start this is a test batch and only will be reordered if YOU guys ask me to do it. Frankly higher weight BBs have a lower profit margin and you can't move the volume - its really a service thing for me - I want to be able to sell you all your BB needs in one order - so if I have to stock it to give you complete service, I will - PROVIDED the product is good. The jury is still out on that at the moment although the .36g look promising.
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