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Originally Posted by MadMorbius View Post
If you leave the canister in the mag, it will eventually run out through minor seepage. Of course, you'll probably blow a seal before that happens.

I think those guns are shooting about 280 out of the box, given that they're C02 powered.

FYI, I saw one of those where the front of the pistol literally snapped off. I would speculate that the parts aren't really manufactured with tolerances required for the cold pressures of C02. So beware rapid firing.
alright so are you saying that with any C02 pistol, you should leave it without it's C02 canister in it?

Also, I'm looking for a high quality non-blowback pistol (preferrably C02 powered) for good gas consumption. Now I have searched quite a bit and know just about all the cheaper guns around that are still worthwhile. as such

but as far as "real" airsoft goes, are there any quality companies that sell non-blowback guns?
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