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Okay, so maybe it is a good time to ask my question in this thread. Personally, I have only been to a couple of airsoft games and both of my experiences were played indoors at Area 51. From the fast paced action, to the realism of the players equipment and weapons, the experiences were truly breathtaking and swept me off my feet. Heck, the guns even sounded great indoors When I'm 18 and get age-verified on this site, I wish to play a game of airsoft outdoors sometime.

But now I'm concerned. Brain had clearly stated that the outdoor games are different. Don't get me wrong, I know that an airsoft experience outdoors will have shorter engagement ranges and BB's won't be all that accurate, but is it noticeable to a degree that the majority of the realism is lost? I hate that feeling where you see an enemy but you know you can't hit him because of the weather (wind) or he is out of range for example.

Is the experience outdoors just right? Or can it use airsoft guns with higher velocities in your opinion? (Over 350-400 FPS)

Thank you

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