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After reading the sentencing that is pretty shitty for him. Maybe one day our justice system will be based on logic and common scene instead of what makes soccer moms feel good but has no real effect. Look at how pervasive gangs and shootings have become in Vancouver and how much time was spent punishing this guy for selling toys that every one of us probably grew up playing with as a child. Not actual airsoft guns mind you but pellet and cap guns that look just as real and would be just as illegal. I remember going to Toys R Us when I was a kid and going down the "gun" isle which was nothing but what would today be called replica firearms and metal handcuffs. The only person who is going to be seriously hurt by these things are those intentionally using them in a crime or those who are criminally negligent. Sorry to rant there but these "crimes" that don't specifically hurt anyone and carry over the top sentences just piss me off so much.


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