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It's a lot easier to prosecute the law abiding and solid citizens vs. the full on gangsters, those guys are dangerous!

Just imagine if a gang got their hands on a bunch of replicas,,,, oh right they'd be out gunned by the folks with real pistols, rifles, SMGs, and ball ammo who are busy shooting up Vancouver and the lower mainland every couple days this year.

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Ya, by the way that's all laid out, it's like Big Brother basically said 'if you even think about airsoft, smackdown for you'.

We all know it could have been much worse but this is still just ridiculous. They are treating him as if he were a potentially violent, off the hook psychopath. All he did was sell toys to a community using them in a activites that are actually safer then paintball for the most part.

To think of all the petty thugs around here who have done much worse only to get a couple moths or a slap on the wrist....angers me. And it's not like they are going to be dealing with a fuck-load of these cases. Retailers aren't exactly common.

Yes, legal techies here, I already said I know if could be much worse. In the grand scheme of all things crime though, this is still just another display of our lousy "justice" (why do they even call it that) system. Lame.
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