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You would be better off modifying your gun to take a suppressor than making one yourself. I assume it is a Taurus 24/7 or similar. I had one when i first started playing and drilled out the end of the slide (or what would be the slide)
to fit a socom suppressor, like the one used on a MK 23. This type of suppressor threads into the barrel rather than the barrel threading into the it ( male-female as opposed to female-male).

Alternatley, you could build a Threaded sleeve which you could epoxy to the end of the gun to fit a regular AEG suppressor to. Keep in mind you will need one with positive threads or an adapter since you do not likely have access to a 14mm negative die to thread your sleeve on your gun.

Oh and make sure the outside diameter of the threads on the sleeve is 14mm as well.
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