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Research some reviews, create a pros and cons list for all three. Review your budget and make a decision from there.

Your options are very simple, do you want a spring gun or do you want an AEG.

If you opt for one of the spring guns consider that in the case of both well spring setups they are both nothing but simple compression systems that uses a piston to lock back when cocked by the bolt. When the trigger is pulled it releases the locked back piston propelling it forward pushing air and the BB down the barrel. Its slightly more complicated than that but you get the idea. Internally thats how both the L96 and the MB03 both work, in this case we will disregard FPS and what gun is made out of what because internals are are available for upgrade down the road, for both models. I will not hold your hand and tell you which one is better, you have the internet and this website at your dissposal you can research and make your own decisions.

Essentially instead of us asking us a question, you should be asking yourself this question.
"They both work the same way, how do I want it to look?"

Your decisions are simple.

Do you want a spring gun or AEG?
Spring Gun? which one of the two?
AEG? which one? (please dont make another thread in regards what to buy)

"Its only a little bit on fire"

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