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Originally Posted by Mr.Hitman View Post
Not really much about handling recoil on pistols, but it's okay, it's a carbine video anyways. There's so many little things in there that help you improve so much. Little things like how to hold the verticle grip..
Both instructors adovocate and are seen using the isosceles/modified isoceles opposed to Chapman or weaver stance with regard to pistols. Chris Costa emphasizes also the need to follow through with the shot, feeling the trigger reset opposed to slapping the shit out of the trigger. These fundamentals are often hard to remember when your moving and gunning, shooting around barriers, group/team shooting, but thats why we practice.

For more details about handgun tactics, there is definitely a wealth of information, more so than carbine tactics with respect to physical literature, books, articles, etc. So I foundKyle E. Lamb's Green Eyes Black Rifles great resource to the tac community. Any how here is a good online article detailing the evolution of the combat grip styles/techniques:

Here are some videos from Springer Precision, they do custom work, great work at that, with the Springfield Armory XDs:

The videos give a no BS assesment of the "optimal" grip, shows the mechanics of controling recoil that are critical to consistent hammer drills/control pairs.

Originally Posted by Mr.Hitman
But I caught that Travis was shooting his rifle in prone while his gun rested onto the ground from his magazine. You're not supposed to do that because the magazine might not function correctly or something right?
Originally Posted by FOX_111
He mentionned it in the first DVD. And contradicted himself on the second I think. But the logic in that is not to give a push on the mag so it does not become off center in the magwell. Since his prone position is "perfect", that is, he's not pushing on the rifle, only resting it on the ground, he would probably not induce a malfuction.

As long as the rifle rest on the ground, and not you resting on the rifle. That's my understanding of it.
Well thats close, but not entirely there, I'll explain. As for the contradiction, yes you heard right. Chris Costa contention is don't risk placing your magazine on the ground with the weapon weight resting solely on it, whereas Travis Haley counters that any good functioning magazine will work even with the weapon weight resting on magazine in prone position.

The myth or the justification for not resting the weapon on the magazine in prone is it may induce a failure to feed. This should be a non-issue if your using an AR with a properly spec magwell, along with the use of good quality magazines. However there are occassions where people have magazines that so worn out back from the "Jane-Fonda-Era", and attempt to use them when they should be replaced entirely. Basically the combination of an out of spec mag well, and/or worn magazines can induce failure as the round may hit far too low before reaching the feed ramps.

There are two style of feed ramps on ARs, some have rifle cuts other have the M4 cuts. If your gunning full-auto, or use higher grain bullets, then the M4 feed ramps are a must have. That said, I have an AR with just the rifle cuts, and have yet to experience a problem, but I suppose another argument can be made for M4 cuts for those that shoot with the weight resting on the mag.

Moreover, just an FYI, what I especially like about the Pmag, is the tighter tolerances it has opposed to the USGI mags. You'll notice less play within the mag well, whereas with the USGI mags there can be a considerable amount of play, though I have yet to have a failure due to this. However, though the tolerances are higher, this has caused issues with out of spec receivers, not enough bi-leveling, and failures to drop or seed fully. Which is part of the reason for the new "M" Pmag, which I am not entirely as fond of, has the same amount of play as a USGI mag.

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Supposedly Magpul will phase out the previous mold of the non-window Pmag and use the new "M" Pmag.
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