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Originally Posted by The Acer View Post
I would think any Airsoft M4 that is TM compatible with a Version 2 Gearbox in it, should be able to put in the Systema Revolution gearbox.

Also if your thinking of putting in a Systema Revolution and a Classic Army, Have you thought about getting a Systema PTW Gen 3, just an idea, the cost of PTW isnt that much more than your CA and Systema Revolution gearbox combined, plus the resell value of a PTW, wont let you loose as much money as you would upgrading a CA, in my opinion.
I thought about getting a ptw and would rather have one but i was qouted a cost of $2500 CAN which i find is alot. However how much is a revolution in canadian cause the gun is $625 CAN. I mean if it is not much diffrence i should get a ptw.
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