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MOLLE is pronounced "Molly"

The Eagle RRV is a nice rig, it can be worn as a full front plate carrier, chest rig, or with the bib folded down and the bottom edge rolled up it can be worn as a light chest rig. If the price is too steep, you might one to consider one of the knockoffs. Bean has a nice comparison review between the Flyye and Pantac versions, and I'm in the process of doing a comparison between the Pantac and Eagle versions of a few items.

What you described, about the independent components, is where MOLLE is an advantage, since you can configure your kit whichever way you need.

I also wouldn't worry too much about the built-in M4 mag pouches on some rigs (like the WASATCH), if you like the rig go with it. Not sure how the copies are made, but the real HSGI product has built-in double mag pouches, so you definitely can fit at least one AK mag in there, possibly two depending how loose/snug the pouches are made. And you can still mount additional pouches on it. Also, not sure how the repros are sized, but the real WASATCH was made to be worn over soft armor (like a PACA) and may be pretty loose on you (also depending how big you are); the smaller sized version is the WEESATCH.

Also don't worry too much about perfectly matched color shades. Pretty much only airsofters do. Real world equipment comes in different shades, too: USMC Coyote Brown is lighter than USSOCOM CB, AITES' coyote is pretty close to Eagles, SDS has like 3 different coyote browns, etc. You'll often see Marines still throwing on woodland, tan or OD pouches on their CB rigs.
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