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Hmm... What I've been looking for now is a MOLLE (How is that pronounced?) Chest Rig in the style of a vest. This is the only thing I've really found like it, that doesn't have built in M4 pouches.

That is a bit much for me, for my starting rig. I have been looking at Russian, and Russian styled chest rigs which I like, but I don't think they will be dynamic enough. I like the liftchik rig, but it lacks 'space' for much else other than Mags. I'll be getting a pistol eventually, and I'd have to have a fully independent holster with that I think. Actually, everything else would have to be independent or on a different system I think. I'll be wanting a hydration system, aswell as a few other things.

I may change what I want from my rig a fair bit, until I find what I like so I think I will get a MOLLE system, as has been said. But I'm not sure I'll be able to find a chest rig with the 'options' that I want, so I may just go to a vest. (Also I'll be going with AK pouches.)

Coyote brown is what I meant by a dark tan/brown. But now, I'm starting to think it would just clash and look funny...

Oh yea... The other thing is that I don't trust the pictures for alot of these places... The colors sometimes seem alot off. I've seen Coyote brown look like light tan, or like a MARpat Brown. I've seen 'OD' look really light like that chest rig that I posted. Darker like a Ranger Green, or almost beige/tan. I don't trust any of these pictures now, and am not sure if OD will be OD, or something different. I'd like the pouches that I'll be buying to match somewhat... That's another reason I'm troubled about buying this rig... Some of the colors look alot different... Although I suppose a MOLLE Vest will just be covered up with pouches anyway.

Thanks for the help.
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