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He mentionned it in the first DVD. And contradicted himself on the second I think. But the logic in that is not to give a push on the mag so it does not become off center in the magwell. Since his prone position is "perfect", that is, he's not pushing on the rifle, only resting it on the ground, he would probably not induce a malfuction.

As long as the rifle rest on the ground, and not you resting on the rifle. That's my understanding of it.

About the pistol, I liked how he position his hands. His support hand, or reaction hand, like he say, rest very far up the gun, with the thumb pointing toward the target and hugging the base of the slide without touching it. I'm more used to have both hand as close as possible to the pistol grip with both thumbs pointing the target from there. Not so much as resting the whole gun in the support hand like he does. I practiced his technique a bit, and found it heasyer to acquire a firm grip on the pistol, and it's a bit quicker to point on the target.

I can't practice all his rifle drills, as I only have sniper rifles (M24 and L96) and a P90. But some of the stands and transitions can be applyed and adapted. The logic behind it is aplicable to nearly all firearms.

I'm impressed and I will have my teamate watch that DVD and we will incorporate some stuff into our own tactics.

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