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Originally Posted by Skladfin View Post
If it doesn't smear, then I'll definitely be interested, but if it smears as badly as Madbull... oh god.

Nope, it smears and judging from the pictures, just as badly.

What I do notice is on the .40 product its much "chalkier" than other BBs - I presume this is a function of the additives used to get the weight up. On the other hand the Bastard .40's don't have air bubbles, its a solid product. I don't necessarily agree though that airbubbles are a bad thing. A center air pocket enables a BB to absorb shock to the centre of the BB without it concentrating in the solid material and radiating that shock back out and shattering - the air pocket acts as a buffer. While centering an airpocket is good, even if it was a perfectly spherical airpocket, your benefit will be minimal because the BB material itself is unevenly distributed in density. So I think anyone looking at airpockets as a critical decision point on BBs is wasting their time - as long as there is no "champagne effect" - a large mass of unevenly distributed minibubbles - thats a BAD thing for sure.

I do agree that the smear test is valid and if it does smear it has the potential of leaving material in your feedpath and sucking it into the mechbox. But that being said, using it in a BA on single shot as opposed to an AEG would be okay because the BB isn't doing a 90 degree turn in the feedpath and you don't stress the BB with full auto -less likelihood of material getting into your internal mechanisms. I'm not convinced .40 is really a viable weight for an AEG anyways, regardless of upgrade, but Stalker and Sha Do can answer that one after testing.
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