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Having just finished repainting my tactical ak in the chilly temps of the BC (-20 during my last painting session..and I am 3300 feet up) interior, I would respectfully disagree with the advise about getting the nozzle closer to the target...glazing the paint on from a min of 12" ensures a even thin coat, which allows multiple coats. When I errantly got to close, the paint would threaten to go on too thick and run.

To be clear..I let the object dry in +5 degrees....only exposed it to -15 during the spray...and then moved it inside. As a result it never got cold enough during the set or drying stage to cause a problem.

When I was a metal fabricator, painting responsibilities fell to me, and the biggest mistake I made when not paying close attention was getting too close during the spray, and not letting the paint...'mist' evenly in the air before hitting the object. That was in Langley...and they never heated those bays.

If in doubt try it on something beside your pride and joy first, and see what works.

Mine was a ultra mat black finish on a heavy primer layer for extra texture...almost an egg shell finish.

Oh...and daylight is so much nicer to inspect your item after the last paint layer to see if you are done yet.

Good luck.
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