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Where the hell do I even find the double flashlight mount like that?
I don't know of another manufacturer other than LaRue. It will definitely make the gun more front heavy, but if you plan on getting to or expect to fight in low-light, this is good force multiplier. After looking into the Strategos Int'l stuff, and getting strobed myself, I am convinced I need a light set on high (~200 lumens), nothing higher as it presents self-binding issues as it will illuminate/reflect off the dry wall too, and another set on strobe.

I do want a M4 already...
Even if I don't really like M4...
There is so much shit I can put on one and gear to go with it... it would be stupid to ignor it anyfurther...
No kidding, opens a nice door, door to your wallet....

And when you think your finally done, making it tacticool, something always comes along. Your never finished!

Originally Posted by ILLusion View Post
I believe it's an M4 2000. Not 3000.
Very astute, the images show the 2000. However, I was able to demo the M4 3000 can a few months back when Kansas became an NFA state, well at least thats what the NFA/Class III dealer said it was though it could of been a 2000, he apparently gets to T&E cans along with other NFA items for a living. And if your wondering on a public release date for it, I have no clue.

One of the distinct things I remember, was the lack of back pressure, as many people running cans have the PRI gas buster and this AR didn't. And the second was it seem to damp the muzzle retort more than a 9mm suppressor, Gemtech if I am not mistaken.
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