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Originally Posted by Mr.Hitman View Post
Check out the dude with the AK in there. He's fast.
You're going to want an AR after these DVDs. lol
Why is it they always protray the AK guy as being some "tacticool-mall-ninja"? Anyhow, this is what I thought about after watching the DVDs:

After DVD 1:
- Reconsidered BZO (Battle Zero - Reset to 50 yards)
Using 55 or 62 grain (M193 or M855) less hold overs with a 50m/50yard BZO than a 300 m standard. If I do my part I will be + or - 2" from my POI (Point of Impact) to around 200-250 meters, after that I need to hold over 10" at 300 m, easier to remember.

- Reconsidered Gear Placement (Indexing From Hip/Belt Primary & Pistol Mags)

- Want SBRs (Short-Barrel-Rifles)
Means I would have to switch to using a 69 to 77 grain (MK262) for better terminal ballistics with regard to fragmentation at lower muzzle velocities inherent with short barrel rifles.

- Reconsidered Absolute-Co-Witness or 1/3 Lower Co-Witness with BUIS
- Need to Test 24 USGI Mags & 30 Pmags for Functionality While Prone (Weapon Resting on Mag)
- Want a BAD (Bolt Assit Device)

- Possibly a Blue Force Redi-Mag

- Integrated Knee-Pads are a Must for Some Drills

After DVD 2:
- Ambi Setup (Safety, Charging Handle, Norgon Mag Catch)

- Want Suppressor (Advance Armament M4-3000)

- Want Full-Auto Receiver
Hell might as well go for it all, SBR, Suppressor and Full-auto, the most "evil" black rifle...muahawah!

- With an NFA Gun Probably Want a AR Piston as the Base (LWRC, LMT, or Converison)
- Need at Least Soft Armor Plates (Drills on Barricades/Barriers/Steel)
- Maybe Cermanic Plates/Helmet
- Need More .223/5.56 (Get Wolf or Start Reloading)

After DVD 3:
- Need to attend a rigorious carbine/shotgun/pistol course this year (SRT Group - Regina, EAG Tactical - Rogers, Tactical Response - Yeager, Front Sight, etc.)
Last course I took was for my CCL.

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