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This reminds me of a funny story.

Back when I started where I work I was the shipper. One of the tasks wast to meet with sales reps for the freight carriers and try to grind them on rates.

So I meet with our Canada Post rep, and she's a really cute girl, and today in a really short skirt. The meet's in the warehouse with just some chairs in a circle by my desk. There's me, the GM, and the rep. She's trying to balance her binders and info in her lap and make her presentation, she's right across from me and I can see right up her skirt. The GM see's what's going on and realize he can't see from where he is. he spends the whole meeting leaning over, craning his neck around and so on to get a peek.

At some point she clued in. That was the last time she dropped by and the for the next pitch we had a guy drop. Man I was pissed at the GM for scaring her off, and he was pissed at me for not trading seats with him.
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