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Update, airsoft buddy finally gets back to me. They tell me that their email server was down for 10 days, which is BS! Because they've been in contact with a friend of mine who ordered WE pistol mags. Anyways, they now tell me that they don't have certain items in stock and will ship out my items within 5 days from now. WTF, they kept telling me that my item was shipped and that I will get a tracking number. They've been telling me this for weeks! And now today I get an email from them telling me basically nothing has been shipped. I filed a claim against them and I should be getting my money back shorty.

Just a warning to everyone. These guys are full of S*IT! Don't deal with them if you don't have to. Just a huge waste of time. I have a buddy who's currently in HK now, he placed in order with a local shop and got my parts for me in 3 days. What a joke...
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