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Originally Posted by xtylertyx View Post
I find it smells like farts, how can you love it?
...Like the smell of my mom's cooking evokes memories of maternal nurturing and acute gastric distress. MMmm.

The stinky stuff that is put into liquefied petroleum gasses like propane is usually 2-methyl-2-propanethiol or similar... basically the same class of compound that gives a skunk his stink, gives bad breath its pungency, and garlic and grapefruit their unique odors.

Products that are made to removed pet odors tend to salt those compounds into an inert state that is odorless.

Get some pet odor spray... or you may begin to enjoy the smell of farts.

Sounds like an idea for cologne for airsofters... Chili and microwave burrito eau de toilette.
Please don't tell my wife I airsoft... She just thinks I've been blowing all my money on booze, poker, and prostitutes.
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