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AK-74 Mags in M4 Pouches

I'm looking to buy my first rig here and a have a concern that I haven't been able to find any real answer to... I've looked in multiple sources and tried searching a few different places... Nothing, other than a kid on youtube, that wrote in the description that AK-74 mags will not fit in the M4 pouch. (A vid on compatibility of mags using an M series pouch.)

I have a stock CA SLR 105. (Five mags so far. Should increase...) I have a CAD 'surplus' OD BDU. (Which is only the first BDU I will own...) Now I'm looking for LBE.

I have seen some ones I would like to consider for a start. Cheap, yes. Also they would do the trick for me. Aswell, when I'm done with them/Am looking for a change. I can sell them to someone local here cheap. Which will help the group here grow.

Basically I'm wondering if AK-74 mags will fit in a 'standard' M series pouch. On my BDU the small chest pouches look to be made for M series mags. They fit 2 AK-74 mags. The mags stick out a about 1 1/2 an inch more than the M series mag (Speed loader) I have. So I realize they would stick out the LBE pouch. The vest/chest rig I'm looking at seems to have double pouches, which I'm thinking would be similar to whats on my BDU in size.

Just for reference. The two options I'm thinking of now.... (Because I don't know what would work well with green other than green... I was thinking about some dark tans/browns... But I do not know. Maybe when I actually get out to a big game I'll be able to check out some equipment in RL.)

If the mags won't fit and I don't go try it anyway. I think I'll end up getting a Nerpa chest rig.. Maybe a GRAD-2 Assault vest. But that's a fair amount more money.

I have about 2 months till the game in Melville, (Which is a bit more than two hours from where I live I think.) But I still need to order soon because of shipping... Aswell as having some other needs. Like goggles. I have mesh ones... And other misc. needs.

Oh and also, any personal opinions on what to use with Canadian OD surplus? What do you prefer chest rigs or vests? Colors with OD? No digital camo please... I've seen that alot of people prefer it in general... I thought about it already. Any particular LBE stand out for you? Don't like my choices? All appreciated, but if it is random hate for something... Give reason.
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