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Bought a gun online... scammed by Snake_ESS

got scammed $320 on forums buying an AEG. paypal can't do anything since its not an Ebay transaction.... seller hasn't replied to anything after payment went through. (friend referred him to me on ASC and i am awaiting verification from a local verifier)

his username on ASC is Snake_ESS. I actually tried filing a dispute on paypal heres what they sent me.His name is Mathieu Bigras and he is located in Quebec. My plan is to contact the RCMP next and get to the very bottom of this.


Dear Timothy Chan,

After careful review, we have concluded our investigation of the Buyer
Complaint described below.

We have decided in your favor, however, we were unable to recover any funds
from the seller's account. As stated in the PayPal User Agreement, recovery
of funds associated with a Buyer Complaint cannot be guaranteed.

Please know that we will make our best effort to recover the funds in
question if they become available in the seller's account in the future and
will take appropriate action against the seller. Such action may include
issuing a warning, a temporary restriction, or terminating the account.
Keep in mind that PayPal uses a number of factors to determine when to take
action, including member complaints. Due to privacy laws, we cannot discuss
the details of any action taken. We hope you understand our policy and that
it assures you that you are safe using PayPal.

Transaction Details

Seller's name: Mathieu Bigras
Seller's email:

Transaction date: Feb 3, 2009
Transaction amount: -$320.00 CAD
Case number: PP-637-813-615

What to Do Next

This case is now closed. No further action is required by you at this time.

Other Details

To make sure future transactions proceed smoothly, we suggest you visit the
PayPal site and click the Security Center link located at the bottom of any
page. There you will find tips on how to avoid fraudulent sellers in the
"Fraud Prevention Tips for Buyers" section.

Protection Services Department

Please do not reply to this email. This mailbox is not monitored and you
will not receive a response. For assistance, log in to your PayPal account
and click the Help link in the top right corner of any PayPal page.


Copyright 1999-2009 PayPal. All rights reserved.


PayPal Email ID PP805

im now just waiting on VISA to sort things out. hopefully i can get a chargeback. Since this is not an EBAY transaction, PAYPAL refused to do anything... I talked to 4 guys over the phone and they gave me the same answers.(had to be on hold for like 30 minutes)

If anybody can get a hold of him please tell him to either refund the money or i will take legal action against this. It is definitely Fraud since he ran off with my money without shipping the item or replying to any messages/emails.

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