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Unhappy canda post horror show

hi well mi horror story with cp was with a paint ball gun from here in canada knew of cp's rep so was working on front of house outside had my security cam running to do a test on it my area used to suck real bad ... tracking number said out for delivery .. saw the van drive by had it on video driving by it slowed but didn't stop oh a note i have over sized numbers on my house .. i thought well maybe more than one but got his plate in worry when nothing showed i called the next day and they said the driver had tried my door bell several times but i didn't answer the door now i know i had gone in for a bathroom break but with the camera i knew i didn't miss. guess what happened the next day as couldn't pick it up as they were trying to redeliver it .. same thing slowed but didn't stop so i called right away .. told them what happened that i was pissed they called the driver and told him to get his ass back to my place .. and drop off the package same truck shows up noow the driver is pissed at me tosses the package over the fence and tells me to fuck off and have a great fucking day .. and leaves .. i guess he got in trouble and was mad at me .. ?? sigh .. damn that reminds me i forgot to tell splinter to set the package up for pickup (just bought his g36) .. :banghead: i'm an idiot .. oh well hope they hold it if not home sigh .. dumb dumb dumb ..
I play with guns and pretend to make war to remind myself and others how easy it is to die in real life, so I honour the sacrifice others make on our behalf even if I do not agree with the policies that send them where they go, so I work to bring them home so that no one may ever forget what was done this and every other day and not to be just swept away as many people wish it would stay.
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