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Smith and Wesson - Shotgun (aka. Walmart)

Smith and Wesson - Shotgun
(aka Walmart Shotty )

The Ultimate Backup of a Backup Gun

Yes everyone that is right. I got one. Yes I'll paint it someday don't worry

When I looked at this shotgun springer it reminded me of my 12 year old days with a springer shooting down pop cans in the basement. (I still do...) And its great if you don't want to stink up your basement of propane and if you don't want to waste your AEG batteries

And looking at the price of $36 after tax I thought why not and then I thought why not paint it! Yes its terrible but you got to start somewhere

The Abomination

Aesthetics/Parts - 2.8/5

I'll give it to them that they did have quite a solid exterior for a ABs plastic shotgun. The only metal parts are the barrel and the bar for the cocking handle is metal.

The internals look like yellowish cheap china plastic you would find in ghetto AEG guns but they are good enough to use

The RIS rails are functional you can mount your optics on them, even though you may think its cheap plastic the RIS rails were built like metal ones. But hey if anything breaks you can just get a new one for cheap anyway.

The magazine is not good though. I can forsee that if I drop it once on cement from my chest level that it may crack

Performance Test - 4/5

For a springer this shotgun has some power to it. I believe from the last time I chronied this at Defcon Paintball was when I borrowed it from a friend, it shot around 280-300 FPS on .20g I believe. Will update when I get the chance

This shotgun is surprisingly accurate for a cheapo springer. I can hit the head of a man sized target at 40 feet which is usually how close you may be in a fire fight for CQB.

Performance in Game - 4/5

Defcon Paintball

I couldn't believe I was able to hit people with this. You would be surprised to if you picked this up for a CQB game. Of course if you are up against a full-auto opponent you will definitely have to catch them off guard to land a hit.

This shotgun is light and without a stock it allows you to maneuver very easily around pillars and objects. Without the hop I was actually able to peg someone hiding behind a sandbag about 50 feet away from me. The BBs dropped just enough to hit the person on the top of the head consistently. I had a good laugh as I can hear him cursing at me. Let me tell you that having BBs hitting your head at above 200 FPS is not a walk in the park.

One last interesting thing is that you can pump the shotgun as many times as you want to load as many BBs as you want. But sadly its not very unique because if you point the barrel downwards the BBs will all roll out except for one.

Overall Conclusion

This SW Shotgun can prove to quite a nifty backup to your backup if you were in a desperate situation like me where your battery died and you ran out of gas, this shotgun can still be gamed in a CQB firefight.

Aesthetics/Parts - 2.8/5
Performance Test - 4/5
Game Time 4/5
Value for the Money 5/5
- Pistolero Steve -

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