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Originally Posted by Lythinca View Post
KND, I didnt mean that CYMA was better. Heck no. Not by far. TM owns cyma by a long shot. I was saying that the battery in the CYMA Glock 18C is "better" (Higher mAh value), than the TMs. (TM has 200mAh. CYMA has 500mAh.)
hmm ! Actually, you can buy another battery from TM which is 500 mah and it last long about 500 rounds. I used to own TM M93R and she is perfect for CQB, I got a lots of kill with her too.

If I were you and plan to buy that CYMA G 18C AEG, First thing I will throw away is the battery, charger and get a decent one from TM. Never trust battery from China Company except a few reputable company which doesn't have much lemons.

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