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If ever I missed a package, it would be held at a post office for pickup for like 1 week and a notice will be posted by the CP guy noting a failed delivery on my door though usually they're just too lazy to even knock on the door and just post the damn notice or leave the package with out a signature, even if requested (now if only they did that with stuff needing COD, I'd be happier). I'm finding it weird even for CP to have totally bypassed that step. With your case, I'm not sure if a delivery issue needs to be raised from either you as the receiver or by EHobby as the shipper, you'll have to contact Post about that. Sorry to hear about these troubles man, I know some of your pain. I also bought off EHobby a few days before Christmas and paid extra for Xpress shipping. Didn't get my package in for just over a month, about a week after I emailed EHobby to raise start an issue case on my package. Wasn't anything big or restrictive either (G36 hand guard, some BBs, and a battery).
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