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ESS V12 Advancer Goggles: Review.

The ESS Advancer V12 Goggle introduces revolutionary and technology never before found in any eye protection system. Equipped with an Adjustable Ventilation System, the high-impact lenses click forward and back to regulate the ventilation, increasing, or decreasing airflow on the move. Comes with clear and smoke gray 2.8mm polycarbonate high-impact lenses. The lenses provide 100% UVA/UVB protection and precise optical clarity for distortion-free vision. They are impact resistant, and exceeds the .22 caliber ballistic impact test as specified by ANSI Z87.1-2003+ and MIL-V-435IIC safety rating standards. Anti-fog and Anti-scratch lens coatings.

The frame is a lightweight, ultra low-profile design that is compatible with night vision systems and ideal for weapon sighting. It's full perimeter ventilation and filteration system prevents lenses fogging while filtering out airborne particles, dust and splashes. The soft yet durable frame material is easy to clean and conforms to any face shape. The strap system has a 19mm-wide, high-memory elastic strap system with quick-adjust slides. The hinged Sidewinder Strap Outriggers pivot to ensure a sealed fit on the face, with or without a helmet. Comes with a hard carrying case. Available in black. All ESS products are backed by a 1-year warranty against defects in manufacturing and workmanship.

Retail: Anywhere from 140 to 200 USD, generally.

I got mine for 36 shipped, off ebay.

I have to say, they fit VERY well, snug and secure around the entire eye. Being off-season, I havn't used them yet. They do look and feel promising though.

Pictured above is everything that comes in the kit, including the clear and black lenses. It also came with a little sticker, but I've already stuck it.

Packaged well.

Around the strap is a felt tube that has an elastic on each end, can be used to protect the goggles from dust when not in use. Helpful so far.

I'll update as soon as I use them, as I was torn between the NVG and Advancer series.
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