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Originally Posted by Cheech1120 View Post
k look guys. plz dont make fun of me if I'm totally wrong. I am a really big noob at airsoft but why are theyr'e paintball fields. Like i swear paintball fields were strictly paintball only, no airsoft. A little help?
Uh, Please clean up your message so it's more readable, If your question is "why are their paintball fields that don't allow airsoft?"

The short answer is Because the field owners don't want airsofters on their fields.

It's complicated, these are business owners who may be worried that their insurance policies don't cover airsoft thus don't want to risk the potential lawsuits if an airsoft injury occurs. It could be just a field owner being anti airsoft or believing that he won't make money from softers playing on their fields since we don't buy crates of ammo at stupid prices.
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it would appear I am not first up in this gang-bang
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