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Originally Posted by Hash Vapor View Post
I've had many of the problems here happen to me as well. Packages left outside on the ground. Tracking says out for delivery, no one shows up, package marked for pickup, post office losses package even though their own computer tells them they have it.

I'm so tired of the delivery guy not even trying to make the delivery or even leaving a notice. Twice this winter I received my package only because the post guy got his shitty little post van stuck in the snow out front of my house trying to leave without even making a reasonable effort to knock on my door, and twice I got out of bed ran down and pushed him out. My dumb ass should have just grabbed the package and left him there. :banghead:
haha that's actually kinda funny. If it helps any, I'm betting even a douche like that would feel stupid after treating a customer like crap and then accepting help from him later on.
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