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TSI Armouries Tar 21

News from guy on there upcoming rifle

Hello Gents,

I wanted to give you all a heads up on our TAR 21 development and release schedule.
In light of the ARES TAR being released in Asia, I will try and provide you with some additional info we initially were planning on keeping private.
Our TAR has gone through the first phase of prototyping, and as in any prototype, needs some wrinkles ironed out. Yes, it takes additional time and funds, but our standards are high.
Realistically, round 2 of improving on our design and prototyping will take about 3-4 weeks, at which point you will all receive an update including pics and technical data.
I can tell you however, that our TAR will include the following features:
1.380 fps out of the box, Ver. 3 gearbox.
2.Interchangeable outer barrel (CTAR and STAR lengths)
3.Quick release gearbox design - the gearbox can be pulled out with the release of 2 pins and utilizing the bolt release, a 15 sec cycle
4.Externally adjusted hop up
4.Fully electronic trigger and fire selector package, MOSFET and C code included
5.This is a new one...a GBB version to follow shortly, with 100% compatibility with the AEG. Pull the gearbox out, change a few simple parts, and you can switch between the AEG and GBB!
The receiver and most major parts will be compatible with both versions.

We appreciate your patience, and promise you the TAR 21 will be a truly unique and ground breaking airsoft rifle.

Best regards,

Guy Ayal
TSI Armories LLC
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