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Pusangani I must ask that you remove your head from your rectum and perhaps listen to others. You sound horribly uneducated on the matter. First of all just because the barrel in an aep is short does not make it less useful. The hopup in an aep is far better then the majority of guns out there and allows for great consistency. Sure the gun has meager power but it would likely fair better then a ak firing 200 fps due to its hopup and size allowing awesome maneuverability.
I have been playing airsoft likely for half of your life. I have tried every type of airsoft gun in that time ranging from pre classic 7mm finned guns, classic guns, the first marui on the market, to all the random shit they have today. Aeps have there place and despite only using classics I tend to pick them up from time to time.

So the long and short is please don't spout off like you know everything when in fact you have very little experience in the matter.
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