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WG 104 Glock 17 NBB

Just recieved the pistol today. First impressions: It is quite solid. The slide can be racked back and there is a slide lock, but it is about a milimeter to long to be able to actually lock the slide back. Nothing a file couldnt fix . The pistol can be stripped down. Similar to GBBs you pull the slide back to a certain point then pull a pin out. Heres where it gets unique, you must pull a black piece down from the back of the slide. The mag itself is heavier than the whole gun! with the fiberoptic front sight its pretty accurate. I use propane, and this is the farthest thing from a gas hog. With a 2-3 second fill of propane, I can get aboput 2 and a half mags. The internals are all metal EXCEPT the outer barrel, it's plastic. The whole outer shell of the gun is plastic. The gun feels quite sturdy, though I wouldnt wanna drop either the gun or mag. The trigger pull is lighter than I expected, but still heavy. I would recommend single fire, or double tap. The mag holds about 16 rounds and is full metal. The gun has an open breech, but it kinda defeats the purpose, cause the mag blocks it when its inside the gun.The mag release is a little tricky to operate, its only made for right-handed people, but with enough practice reloads could be pretty speedy. The packaging is a styrofoam cutout, the form is cut to fit a Desert Eagle so it was made for any generic pistol. It came with the gun, 1 mag, small packet of BBs, regular front sight, and a fiber optic front sight. I dont own a chronograph and dont have any cans...but I had a juice box It went straight thru both sides. It went through a pie plate and left a large exit hole on the other side. It is made in Taiwan and distributed by WinGun fits the hand nice and feels good. All in all I'd definately recomend it for an inexpensive sidearm. Will up load pics later.
It was bought from capitalairsoft for 65$ plus a propane adapter.

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If ya got a question post it! I'd be happy to answer them.
IF you're going to buy this gun, I suggest you get the MK23 version because the MK23 is single and double action, whereas the glock is double sction only. If you take the glock's slide off you can cock the hammer single action. I dont know why they didnt just design this with a single action trigger also.
*edit* I shot it some more at targets, and I suggest that you use the NON-fiber optic sight because in order toget a clear sight picture the front sight needs to be tall, and the fiber optic sight is so short that you need to tilt the gun upwards ever so slightly and that makes the shots go high. I would recomend using .23 gram BBs because im using cheap wally world .20 gram bio BBs and they're curving up once they fly 30 feet or so. Also propane smells like fart. When the gun is shot outside, not in an enclosed space it sounds like its farting :P
*edit2* With furthur counting I found out that the mag does in fact hold 17 rounds.

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