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Originally Posted by Trapper1 View Post
What i do is first of all, Take the entire gun apart or at least the remove the parts to be painted. Before painting, i would wipe down the surfaces with alcohol pads to remove dirt, grease, oil, etc, that could fubar your project.
Paint, i would recommend the krylon camo paint from crappy tire (AKA Canadian tire).

For the trades i have come up with this solution but you need a pretty steady hand. Fist sand down the area on the magwell where the decal is. otherwise it will kinda show through the paint as a raised area and look shitty. Then you find a picture of the firearm with the trades you want and carefully Draw them onto your painted reciever with a white ( or other easy to see color) pencil crayon.

Once this looks to your satisfaction, very very carfully engrave the trades using a handheld DREMEL ROTARY TOOL. Don't fuck up cause if you do you just ruined a receiver.

p.s not sure but you could check to see if an engraving shop, like the ones you see in the mall will do plastic. Probably not tho

Good luck
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Laser engraving has become very popular for trophy shops...
The only thing you would need to do is to provide some reasonable evidence that the gun had the trade on it already, and you're restoring it and not just ripping it off...

You could just take a digital pic of the trade, convert to black and white, clean it up and deskew it and scale it to the correct size.
A laser engraver shouldn't have any problem burning it into the surface for a nice embossed effect. It could be done before or after painting and on metal or plastic receivers.

I've used higher power lasers to burn part and serial numbers as well as branding parts with a logo. It does a really tidy job, very crisp. Plastic and paint don't require more than about a 25 watt laser though. Very common in trophy shops these days for engraving plastic and wood.
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