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Originally Posted by trufret View Post
You simply fold the U.S in on it's self and create a small wormhole from one point to the other.
We asked GWB on his way out, exactly how that wormhole worked...

Something to do with Nukaler energy and bending reason into a Boyes Spatial Manifold... His answer was not so much a highly classified matter of national security as unintelligible.
I'm afraid that technology has been lost forever as the "Leader of the Free World" has headed back to Yale with his buddy Cheney. One to teach Advanced Oratory, and the other to teach Ethics and coach the sporting clays team.

We have some folks at MIT working on a new technology that involves knocking politely at the door... Preliminary tests look promising.

Anyway... Having done a bit more reading on the situation, I think that the best legal solution is to make a livery of high quality airsoft arms available for events in the US and work out the details of how they can be made available to Canadian players who want to attend US events. I'm talking it over with my partner.
Please don't tell my wife I airsoft... She just thinks I've been blowing all my money on booze, poker, and prostitutes.
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