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Originally Posted by TokyoSeven View Post
It means the money is in the process of being transfered from whatever means you registered to your paypal. Once the process is complete the funds are withdrawn from you and released to the seller. Since it appears you are unverified Im assuming you do not have credit cards or atleast credit cards that are not recognised by paypal attached to your account. If you have attached a bank account to your paypal it can take a few days for the funds to be withdrawn from your account.

Check your email, there should be more concise emails from paypal detailing information in regards to your payment.
Depending on what retailer you ordered from they should send you an email when they have shipped your item, the keyword is "should".
Title of Email: Order Process

BuyAirsoft.Ca Products
Order Number: 18460
Detailed Invoice: --------------------------------
Date Ordered: Tuesday 03 March, 2009
1 x 600 Round Tac. Magazine for AK-47 (A.AK.TacMag) = $35.00
Sub-Total: $35.00
Shipping (Best Way): $10.00
Low Order Fee: $5.00
Tax: $1.75
Total: $51.75
Delivery Address
Billing Address
Payment Method
PayPal (Credit Card / Debit)
I put the -(dashs) to show classfied info.
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