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Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
what location? a small room ?

200fps on an ak is a totally different story than an aep, there's really no comparison there.
I suppose that depends on what your definition of a small room is, I was achieving excellent accuracy at 20-30 feet, using .20g BBs in an MP7 that was shooting at 220FPS, and the BBs were still travelling fast enough for people to feel the hits.

You may have to be a little more descriptive with your statement in regards to how an AK shooting 200fps .20g is different from an AEP shooting 200FPS.20g. Aside from physical external and physical internal desgin difference, if both items are outing BBs at 0.37 joules of energy. The only thing that I can think of that would cause any difference would be internal barrel length, but at minimal engagement (20-30 FT)distances it hardly makes a difference to me.

Dont get me wrong, Im definately not saying AEPs function better than AEGs, but AEPs are definately not something to be underestimated entirely.

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