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Since no one seems to want to chime in on the CA M4 side. I did extensive research and settled on a Classic Army M15A4 as my first gun. If an Armalite is what you're looking for then I think it's the best of all possible versions. You have the full stock which houses a large battery, plus plenty of rails (either included or easily added depending on the variant) to tacticalize with.

CA's M15A4 series in general is a big step up over their previous versions and as far as stock armalites go they're probably the best. All metal where the real steel version is, the plastic parts where the real steal version is plastic are made of high quality enhanced nylon fiber rather then abs for great texture and feel, as well as rock solidness. Classic Army has a deal with Armalite so you get all the proper markings. Plus that deal also goes to show the quality of the manufacture, Armalite wouldn't put their name on a shoddy product.

Internally the gearbox is reinforced metal and all the gears are metal as well. It fires hotter stock then Tokyo Marui's as well, firing at 300-320 fps where your average TM only fires 280-300 fps.

All in all this is a great starter gun if you can afford it. Because it's all metal you don't have to worry nearly as much about breaking it and you won't get any of the wobble or creaking that is infamous in stock TM M4/M16's. They're not cheap, but in comparison you'd easily save $200 going with a CA Armalite as apposed to a Real Sword AK47. For reference I got my CA M15A4 from the classifieds, upgraded with a bunch of Systema internals to fire 390fps, for $600 shipped which was a great price.

One of the perks of going with an M16/M4 variant is that mags are dead easy to come by and dirt cheap. You can get Star brand mags for like $5 a mag or less, plastic yeah but sturdy none the less (Star is also the only brand that makes realcaps too). Metal mags will run you a fair bit more, $15 to $30 a mag. There's no real reason to go with metal over plastic for mags except looks/realism. Though of course if you're going to go hicap then you might as well get metal ones. As to Brands, TM and CA make good mags. I've heard pretty good stuff about MAG brand mags as well. King Arms not so much, especially for M4/M16 mags. Star is always a good affordable fallback too.

Now don't get me wrong, the AK47 is a nice gun, I have one as a loaner/back up (not a Real Sword though, just an upgraded Kraken) but there's a few differences. One of the most noticeable, especially to newbies is the way mags load: with the m16/m4 variants you just slap them in and go but with ak's you have to hinge them in. It's alittle more awkward and takes more practice then M4 mags. AK mags are also not quite as common as M4 mags, though I will admit they're nearly so.

Tacticalizing AK's is considered by many to be a cardinal sin. Even if you're not a believer of that, it's not nearly as easy to tacticalize an AK as it is to do an M4, especially a Real Sword. You say that all the features of the Real Sword make it look and feel like the Real Steel version, but that's pretty much true for the CA Armalites as well.

Even though I'm advocating for the M4 I gotta tell you, you won't get labeled as a terrorist simply for running an AK. AK's are easily in the top five gun choices for airsoft. And anyway, the AK's belonged to the Commies long before terrorists came about.

You have any questions feel free to PM me.

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