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AK or M4?

Hey everybody, i've been lurking on the site for about a week now, slowly learning more about AEG's and airsoft in general. After doing some research, and looking at a lot of gun porn (fuck me my hand's getting sore ) i've whittled it down to two choices. I'm stuck between either a CA M15 A4 S.P.C., or a Real Sword Type 56. Both have fixed stocks, and are somewhat similar in terms of performance, and basically it comes down to an asthetic choice, for the most part. I'm familliar with the feel of armalites, but have never held an ak (real or otherwise) in my life. However, drooling over the RS has made me want one like crazy. so, i'm looking for input. I know the CA has rails out of the box, and i'd like to customize the gun's externals down the road, and the RS doesn't have much. The other thing is i don't wanna constantly get labeled as a terrorist simply for my gun choice. However, the RS has an all metal body and wood grips and stock, which helps it feel like the real steel. So, bottom line: from anyone's personal experience, which one is better?
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