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It happens. I'm not excusing or defending but it happens.

I had the same thing happen to me just recently but even worse. I paid for a product the third week in January, got excuses for the first two weeks then nothing but silence for two and a half weeks despite repeated PM's and the fact that he was posting daily. The guy I was dealing with has been around for for years, has a high post count, high positive trader review, no neutrals or negitives, yet he seemed to be courting a fraud charge over a $50 product. I won't mention his name since he finally did get back to me with shipping info but I can understand your frustration and confusion. I've never sold anything so far, but whenever I agree to buy something I send payment within eight hours of the agreement. I don't really understand why anyone would shoot themselves in the foot by screwing around when money is involved. Our community is so small and tightly knit that a bad rep here really hurts you. *Shrug*

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