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regarding the COLOUR of the Heavy Bastards

This weekend of the FR game hosted by Zeon, I spent the lunch time lull tuning down my APS2EX so that it cronied at 413 fps with 0.25 weight BBS....then scrimmed the rest of the day with it.
I was not impressed with the high cross winds (throwing the 0.25 weight BBs over 6 feet off centre at 100 feet). But needless to say, at the end of the day I took the opertunity to run some of the 0.36 weigh BB Bastards, and check out the "stealth" aspect of the non white BBs.

I found that the colour of the 0.36s are (in my opnion) excellent for tracking the BBs from the shooters prespective, but do give other observers a problem tracking the BBs (unless there is some type of drastic visual difference between the BB and the back drop). The subtle colours are easily distinguishable from the the natural surroundings, but not nearly a visible as the blazing white BBs.

Now I am use to using the graphite coated 0.36s which a lot of shooters have tracking issues with, but the BB Bastard pastel mint green 0.36s provided no problems with tracking every one of the 25 shots I plinked around with into different back drops. A couple were fired toward the tree line, a couple into the sand berms, and a couple into the areas with structures. Each shot was easily tracked from when it entered my field of vision, right through to the target.

And of course the heavier weight BBs made a huge difference in the effect that the cross wind had on my shots. The varience at 100 feet compaired to when I was running the 0.25s earlier in the day went from ther 6 feet off centre, to about 2 feet of center (an easily "guestimated" adjustment reguardless of what ever type of optics you are using).

I did not have a chance to recrony using the 0.36s for an fps comparison, but the over all effective range was greater with the 0.36s compaired to the 0.25s (because the shots were more consistant). Yes, the 0.25s went a further distance, but as I said, the 0.36s had a greater effective range, where you'd get more hits with fewer shots compaired to when using the 0.25s (basic airsoft ballistics).

Anyways, the colours of the 0.36s and 0.40s that the BB Bastard is offering us will continue to make it easy to tell when you've got what in your mags, and offer a great "stealth" colour that is not so dark that even the shooter cannot track it at long range.

Another great product from the Bastard.


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