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If you just want the selector switch markings I found a picture of the ones I wanted on the internet and printed it Photo quality and took it to Sign O rama pretty much any sign making store should be able to do the same. I got them to print it off for me in vinyl stickers. The vinyl stickers I got were just the markings in colour not painted clear stickers. I just wiped down the area with alcohol pads applied the decal and then used a hairdryer on low to seperate the vinyl from the clear screen the decals came on. It was similar to but a lot easier then the stickers that come with a model building kit. It looks great very durable I haven't had any peeling or chips on the first one I did and its around 1 year old with lots of field time. Best part is my gun is a MP5 i got a 8 x 11 page for each side each with 8 decals and it only cost me about $30 and 20 min to apply
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