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Oh, I've seen one of those in Japan a few years ago, expensive. With the exchange rate back the, it was about $1000 CAD.
Considering its in Japan, its probably a TOP though, not an ARES/STAR (I don't think anyone but TOP and Inokatsu make the old skool M60's anyway.) TOP guns are garbage. They are all lightweight plastic and have a crappy bellows system instead of a standard piston/cylinder system. You need at least $300-500 off the bat to replace ALL the internals to make it half decent, and then its still a lightweight hunk of flimsy plastic. Their only saving grace is they can take almost any real steel external parts with little to no modification. So for say $5000 you can have an awesome support weapon, or just buy an Inokatsu for ~$3000 Canadian and have a full steel ver.3 support gun.
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