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Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
You're missing the point, read a little more closely.

The person would've already had to have the licence and registration for a real steel AR prior to such a conversion to airsoft, otherwise he wouldn't have the real steel AR. And unless the conversion to airsoft is one-way, there is no addition registration or reporting protocols to follow. He also said nothing about transferring it.
Sorry for creating this mess guys. All I really wanted to know was if there were parts that could be stuffed into real steel to make it shoot BB's.

I got thinking because with all these new PTWs and GBBs with real steel compatable parts, how much of a real gun can actually be used for airsoft? I mean, some of these PTWs and GBBs are being promoted as being the most realistic airsoft guns on the market, with virtually 90% (Just a guess here) part interchangable with real guns. These systems go for anywhere around $1000-2000 CAD or more, when I can get a complete real steel Norinco AR for $900 CAD.

Now I've learned that some parts simply cannot do the cross-over unless it's a one-way trip with machining, Before I started this thread, I foolishly thought that it was a simple matter of taking out the working parts of a real AR, and cramming all that stuff from GBBs or PTWs into the body to make the thing fire BBs. I was thinking it would be a simple procedure that could easily be reversable.

I don't know a whole lot about guns and airsoft right now. I know some about cars, and with cars, I know that sometimes it's cheaper to buy a complete car and part it out for the parts. I just thought it might be the case in the Norinco I found at a local shop. Again, I know the finish is shit, but a can of spray paint is $5.

Ok, so now I know that it is impossible to put airsoft internals (whether it's GBB or PTW) into real steel without destroying the real AR. I agree, that would be foolish. So was my estimate correct about percentage of real gun parts used on PTW or GBB? Maybe 90% was a little too high, and I probably should be asking further questions in the PTW or GBB thread now that I know the answer to my first stupid question.

I'm still going to buy the Norinco AR for the range, even after all of this, and I've completely abandoned the silly notion of a crossover gun that can be easily modified for both uses.
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