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Originally Posted by Skladfin View Post
Okay, i'm not sure about this, but these BBs MIGHT be leaving residue on my hop up rubbers after each shot.

The grouping got quite inconsistant after a while, so I took out the hop up rubber and saw that there were "white" residue(or smeared off plastic) on the little rubber part that pushes down on the BBs. I had to wash it off with kitchen detergent like you clean grease with.

I've tried to smear off these off the BB with my hand but I couldn't(I really don't think these are coated), so I went on to rub these BBs against my hard wood floor. Indeed the plastic started smearing off. Then I tried some Metal tech 0.25g and found that they do not smear off the floor as easily as Madbull BBs(Still smears off after a while though).

I need further testing to prove this, right now it's just a theory, but I don't like the result at all.
Is why I used to wash the graphite off Straight BBs.
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