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Originally Posted by Toymaker View Post
Propane might actually give you a problem. It's cheap and available though. Any hardware store, heck larger pharmacies and even groceries carry it if they have a "Picnic/BBQ" section.

I've been reading the legal bits and have a suggestion.
Only a licensed dealer can import, so what prevents a licensed dealer then from offering a safe return service?

You make the arrangements with the dealer, and pay a small fee... He gives you a claim ticket and a shipping label, perhaps even provides a suitable box.
You come down, have fun, and then ship the airsoft to the dealer using the provided shipping label, he then checks the contents to make sure it's legitimate, signs off on it as such, and returns your gun to you.

That seems clean, and legal, and would probably be something a dealer could make a small amount of money on at the same time, but would be much less costly than a disposable airsoft gun. Who wants to get stuck renting something that's probably been abused to death?

Sorry... I'm only familiar with the loonie politics down here. Up there not so much. Doesn't that sound at lease worth asking after?
Basically, getting anything that resembles a real firearm across the Canadian Border is damned near impossible. If it wasn't, we wouldn't be paying $600 for an AEG you guys can get for $250.

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