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Originally Posted by Skladfin View Post
you should pry open some of them and check for air bubbles
Had a conversation with Scarecrow on the field Saturday about this, their are no airbubbles in the heavier weights, u need alot of force to break one open, and altho bb's essentinally need the airbubble for a smooth break upon impact, these bb's dont powerderize or go into 10 peices, they stay in pretty large chunks.

Mike to add a bit to the review, Jay gave me some .40 to try out in my 600mm tightbore equiped SPR, and I must say impressive, adds a bit of range on full hop, and much better constant accuracy.. Now this isnt done with targets, just outdoors full range shooting, but I can tell the improvment just from watching. So these arent just for sniping, if u have a precision AR, they will work great for you as well.
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