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BB Bastard "Sniper Grade" 0.36g and 0.40g review

New BBs, new thread start. Link to my previous review of products is here for reference:

This time, will still use my TM Mk23 springer and CA M24 sniper rifle for the testing (Both for chrony, M24 for group consistancy and field use).

Ok, so I got one bag of each and started phase one earlier tonight. Am impressed so far. First one I had Bastard 0.30g BBs still in my mag, cleaned the barrel with a dry patch, came out clean. Each string of 25 shots, five per target, barrel was cleaned before and each time the patch came out clean. First run was a set in test sample of, left right, down, left right, 30ft in basement, 0.30g, 0.36g, 0.40g 0.30g, 0.30g rounds:

Next was 25 shots of 0.36g Bastards:

And 25 shots of 0.40g:

Now if anyone who has shot an airsoft gun for groupings knows, 2" at 30ft using the best and most consistant gun/ammo is fucking good. What I grabbed here at best was 1", a couple groupings were just a single jagged hole. Did get a couple flyers, but if the single one was ignored, then I'd have smaller than an inch grouping which is fucking amazing for an airsoft gun.

More will come, chrony testing the next couple nights, stay tuned.
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