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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
In order to buy an AR 15 in Canada (M4 is prohibited), you need an RPAL as well as a range membership, and ATT to at least get it to your house. Then you would need to do some serious machining to even get GBB internals into it (probably the easiest way). And you won't be paying $899 for a complete AR, unless you get a Norinco POS (poor machining, poor finishing, etc.). Even a decent starter AR will be $1500+ new, perhaps a bit less used. Then, no matter where you go, it will still be a restricted firearm, and subject to a boatload of regs that really make it not worth it.

HaHaHa. That's funny. There is no such thing as a very upgraded PTW. Best you can do is a CNC lower, and a real upper. You might try some do-dads on the gun, no different than any other AEG. And I've repaired, modded and built dozens upon dozens of PTWs. Funny they're very popular out west, maybe the guys out east just can't seem to figure them out. A Classic Army more solid than a PTW, that's rich.

If he wants to buy a PTW or GBB, it's his choice. Not like he's going to find very many of either to chose from.

And I'd take you on in accuracy and range any day, even with a CQB. And not at 20 feet, lets try 200.

Oh I know it's not a real M4. It's just a made in China AR clone, no doubt about it. I know the finish on it iisn't all that great. As long as bullets go in, and the gun goes bang when I pull the trigger, that's fine with me. I know about the restrictions, I know about the regs, and I know that this is going to be an expensive toy that I can only use at the range. My friend just took the course this weekend and I'm probably registering for one in two weeks. $195 plus tax for a two day course and tests, plus the $80 app, and two references.

As far as GBB and PTWs are are concerned, I've decided to just keep my little TM AEG for playtime. If I'm going to shell out anything more than $900 for the sake of realism, it better spit out 5.56mm full metal jackets. $2000 for airsoft is out of my tax bracket.

I've got absolutely nothing against blowing lots of cake on airsoft, if I had wads of cash, I'd do the same. But if the realism I can afford to to buy will restrict my experience to shooting at a stationary paper target down the range, then so be it.
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