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My current load out:

Surplus Woodland BDU top: 30$
Surplus Woodland BDU Pants: 40$
Surplus Woodland Boonie: Gift from "Jamesbond007"
Skillfully acquired CF Black Cadillacs: Nadda
Some kind of weird black vest from army issue: 60$
Total: 130$


What used to be a Tippmann AK-47 that was bought before I actually played. Now has a JG mechbox with quite a few upgrades with an Element Hop-up and I think a Mad-Bull 6.03 tightbore inner barrell. Shoots around 385ish but only have 2 mags for it at the moment.
Total: ~280$ approximate


Tactical Force MP5 that has been reshimmed and has a spring taken from a CA m15. Shoots close to 375 and I have 9 mags for it.
260$ 40$ for mags
total= 300$

Modified Bell M10 4 inch revolver shooting around 300 fps on propane
Can't remember the price of this but it wasn't much.

I prefer the AK but tell I buy more mags it's on the side lines.

AK total goes to close to 500$

MP5 total goes to around 510$

I think it's probably more because of shipping and importing but I don't think that counts.
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