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Originally Posted by Silverthorn View Post
I have that exact same vest. Bought it from ehobbyasia for 50$ including shipping.

I love it. Yes it's low quality (the zipper broke on first use, I have installed push buttons now. Friend of mine bought it too and the zipper is still good) but I love the configuration and the left side can be reconfigured (all velcro). It's a good basic vest I find but don't expect it to last years. The pouches are big enough even fit AK-47 mags or 3 MP5 mags.

I would hate to pay 200$ or so for a vest so 50$ was a great move. All depends on how often you play, how hard you play and how much of a realism fan you are...
Well, its just a little bit less than some higher quality vests. 20 dollars difference is going to make a huge difference in this case. I think I'll spend it.
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